MMT 100 MILE  is an ultra trail race of 160,5 km (100 miles) with a 7.200 d+ elevation which goes through some of the most beautiful landscapes of northeastern Italy (Friuli region).

The race takes its name from one of the crossing, the Magredi.

“Magredo” means “barren land”, that is arid and poor water for the presence of stones. During the summer, the dry grasslands of Magredi appear barren and burned by the sun, setting a landscape similar to some wildeness of the south or the continental steppes of Eastern Europe.

Then through the gravel bed of the rivers Cellina e Meduna, MMT 100 Mile lets go then to touch other wonderful location of the Dolomiti Friulane and Valli Pordenonesi.

The race is so characterized by a wide variety of soils and environments: the plains, rocks, grassy paths and rocky climbs and descents, towns and historic villages.

A careful study of the route and the regulation will enable to be able to better enjoy this 100 miles!